12-year-old nominated for “worst actor”: The Razzies hit back at the criticism

NEGATIVE NOMINEE: Ryan Kiera Armstrong. Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The Golden Raspberry Awards have received criticism after nominating Ryan Kiera Armstrong (12) in the category for the year’s worst female actor. – Exaggerated, says one of those responsible about the rage.


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The day before the Oscars, on March 11, the Golden Raspberry Awards, popularly known as the Razzies, take place and award the year’s craziest films and performances on the cinema screen.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong is among the five nominees for “worst actress” after her performance in the horror film “Firestarter”, a “remake” of a 1984 film starring Drew Barrymore, based on a 1980 Stephen King book.

The nomination of the 12-year-old has upset many.

“But if you thought the Razzies would decide to be less vicious this time around, think again,” reported entertainment magazine Variety, referring to Armstrong’s nomination.

Culture officials in the British Independent are using the nomination to argue that the Razzies should be scrapped altogether.

In Hollywood, several former child actors rage against the critical awards ceremony.

Several point to previous young nominees such as Macaulay Culkin and “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace»-actor Jake Lloyd may have taken a big hit from the attention. They have both struggled in their youth and adulthood.

– Not meant that way

Now John Wilson, one of the founders of the Razzies, responds to the criticism.

To BuzzFeed, Wilson says he can see how the nomination could be perceived as malicious or mean.

– I don’t think it was meant that way. I think people who are upset about it—I don’t even know how to say this. The furor is interesting – perhaps somewhat justified, but I think it’s exaggerated.

Wilson says that he has no problem with the Razzies receiving criticism, and that it is in the nature of his awards ceremony to tolerate criticism.

– For God’s sake, it’s the Razzie awards, he points out.

ADMITTING MISTAKES: John Wilson, who helped start The Golden Raspberry Awards in 1981. Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/NTB

Wilson goes on to say that Ryan Kiera Armstrong came in fifth place in the nomination process for “worst female actor”, which thus has five nominees.

According to him, there was a debate about whether it was right to include her among the selected reviled – and that they chose to go for it, since despite her age she is already an experienced actress.

Armstrong has eight feature films on his CV, and three TV series, “American Horror Story” among them. She made her screen debut in 2017.

Wilson takes a bit of self-criticism just as well.

– The intention was to be funny. In this specific case, we seem to have stepped very wrongly. I’ll admit it.


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