Twitch: – Sex prank live

Twitch: – Sex prank live
Twitch: – Sex prank live

At the end of August, Twitch user Kim Mikka (21) was banned from the popular platform where the public can follow live broadcasts from around the world.

The reason?

She attempted to have sex with her boyfriend while live streaming and chatting with her followers.

Mikka is also a popular face on the video sharing service TikTok where she has over 100,000 followers.

Reacts: – Obvious sexual entertainment

The mildly embarrassing incident has been reported by several media, including the e-sports website Dexerto.

It didn’t take long for followers to catch on to what was going on behind the scenes. In record speed, a video of the incident also began to spread on social media.

Despite the fact that the act itself was not explicitly shown live, Mikka was soon banned for violating Twitch’s guidelines. On the streaming platform’s website, it is clearly stated that any form of nudity and sexual content is strictly prohibited.

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Her videos disappeared, and a message appeared on the account that the channel was unavailable due to policy violations.

Had been drinking

However, on September 4, just under a week after the ban, Kim Mikka was back on Twitch, writes Dexerto.

According to the gaming website, she must have explained to the well-known e-sports journalist Jake Lucky, who has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, that the ban would only last a week.

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Many in the gaming community are surprised that the ban was not permanent, even though no explicit sexual content was broadcast to followers.

After the account was reopened, Mikka’s popularity has seen a tremendous upswing, and the following has increased from a meager 200 followers to well over 4,000.

To the e-sports journalist Jake Lucky, the keen gamer has explained that she had been drinking when the mistake took place.

On August 29, Mikka posted a message on Twitter about the ban.

“My first account has currently been temporarily closed. But I’m going to use this one to upload videos until the old one is up and running again,” she wrote, referring to her new account.

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Increasing trend

Twitch is a popular streaming service especially for gamers, who broadcast directly to the audience while playing various computer games. You can create your own channel and subscribe to other people’s content.

The platform saw the light of day in 2011 and since then has become a favorite place for streaming all kinds of daily activities.

Although the Amazon-owned platform is primarily aimed at gamers, in recent years the site has also increasingly been used as a place to monetize indirect, sexual content thanks to a regulatory loophole.

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