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Iman Meskini, The first Christmas in Skomakergata

Iman Meskini, The first Christmas in Skomakergata
Iman Meskini, The first Christmas in Skomakergata

Actress Iman Meskini (26) quickly became a familiar face in 2015 when she played the role of Sana Bakkoush in the NRK hit “Shame”. Since then, the 26-year-old has achieved a great deal, particularly by leveraging her huge fan base to normalize diversity.

Among other things, her commitment secured her a place on Forbes’ prestigious “30 under 30” list in 2022. In addition, she has been successful as a speaker, author and conference host.

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Despite the success of “Skam”, Meskini’s social commitment has been put before his career as an actor.

Now, however, the 26-year-old is making a comeback on the TV screen, and that with his first film role ever.

Will bet on acting

When Nettavisen met Meskini during the Costume Awards earlier this year, she was able to reveal that she is returning to the screen with the current Christmas film, “The first Christmas in Skomakergata”.

There she plays a journalist together with Mathias Luppichini. It is Kåre Conradi who fills the character Shoemaker Andersen.

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Because apart from having appeared in the web series B4 and the Viaplay success Pørni in recent years, the 26-year-old has not invested heavily in acting. She told Nettavisen that it has been a lot of fun to return to the acting bench.

– It took some time to realize that it is acting that I want to continue doing, said Meskini.

In 2018, Meskini had the lead role in the fourth and final season of “Skam”. For the TV series, she was nominated for the audience award during Gullruten the same year.

Clear dream role

Meskini has broken many barriers by being the first woman to wear hijab in several situations. Among other things, she was the first to serve in the Norwegian army wearing a hijab and the first to pose in the popular fashion magazine Costume.

She has also written a book about her personal experience of wearing the hijab.

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When Nettavisen asked her if she had any dream role that came with the acting comeback, she did not hide that the dream role is hijab-related.

– My dream role in Norway would be to play police because it is not allowed to wear a hijab in the police, so that would have been extra fun, she answered.

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