Malin Nesvoll leaked her own nude photo

Malin Nesvoll leaked her own nude photo
Malin Nesvoll leaked her own nude photo

Malin Nesvoll (32) is currently one of the participants in TV 2’s “Farmen kjendis”. It is clear that the influencer is a relaxed person who does not take himself particularly seriously.

Nesvoll is comfortable sharing her life, which she has done for both good and bad with her followers for a number of years.

Reveals secret lover

However, there are times when she has shared more than she wanted to. The 32-year-old reveals that some time ago she shared a nude picture with her followers – without her realizing it.

Nettavisen mentioned the case first.

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– Stick naked

Dagbladet contacted Nesvoll to find out what really happened.

– It was at that time that I was very active on Snapchat. I think I had around 50,000 viewers daily who followed everything I posted.

– There are quite a few?

– Yes, there are many!, Nesvoll says with a laugh.

– Still no sense of taste

She further explains that she was going to take a shower, but that she basically thinks it’s quite boring to wash her hair because it takes so long.

– I wanted to capture that “vibe”, so I took a quick picture naked in the bathroom. Then I pasted flame emojis over the tits and the pee and wrote: “No, I don’t feel like showering”, then slammed it out.

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– Malin, Malin!

The influencer says that it didn’t take long before her followers contacted her and sent the photo back to her – then without the emojis that covered the more private parts of the body.

– People were like: “Malin, Malin! I think you’ve done something wrong, I just wanted to say that you’re naked out there,” says Nesvoll with empathy.

Surprising with a nude photo

It turned out that the emojis you have on an iPhone are not visible to followers who have Android phones.

– I took this with crushing calm, I just had to laugh. I thought it was funny, it was a very innocent picture. I wasn’t trying to be silly, I was just going to get in the shower, says the 32-year-old and adds:

– It wasn’t the prettiest picture I’ve taken of myself, so those who still have it can just enjoy it.

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– Did you panic at all?

– No, I took it very calmly. I don’t take myself too seriously, I kind of had to have done something illegal to be completely outed. Body is body and that’s great, says the influencer and follows up:

– Imagine being able to leak your own “nude” then…

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