Kim Falck about “Bare Bea”

The new blockbuster “Troll” has an exclusive premiere on Netflix on 1 December. In one of the roles, you can find Kim Falck (39), whom many can recognize from a very special and unique teenage film.

– I stalked my ex

In “Troll”, Falck plays the role of Andreas Isaksen, the prime minister’s advisor. In the fight against the troll that comes to life and approaches Oslo, the character becomes central to finding a solution.

Although Falck now has a long career as an actor and many exciting jobs in his repertoire, many people probably remember him from the teenage film “Bare Bea” from 2004.

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– Had so much fun

The film was a great success and there is hardly a teenage girl from the early 2000s who has not seen it.

When the 39-year-old now appears in a new blockbuster, he can tell Dagbladet what it was like to play in “Bare Bea”, and what he has been doing since then.

– It’s going to be embarrassing

– I did “Bare Bea” one year after high school, and lived the dream! I had so much fun doing that film, also the bonus was that it became so popular.

The film probably made a little extra impression because it took up a taboo subject. It’s about being the only one in a group of friends who hasn’t made a sexual debut yet.

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Falck played Anders, who fell in love with Bea – the girl who had not made her debut.

– That gratitude for having been part of something so many remember – it doesn’t feel like it’s something I’ve done, it feels like something I’ve been given, the 39-year-old tells Dagbladet during a press conference for the film “Troll”.

BREAKTHROUGH: Kim Falck starred in his first film just one year after he finished high school. Photo: Maipo Film
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– It’s a really nice experience!

– Now I can die!

Since then, Falck has studied both at the theater school and film direction in New York.

– I have also worked as an actor for eight years.

Falck has played in several films, and in a number of theater productions – including at the Nationaltheatret. But now it’s all about the role in “Troll”.

Expecting children: – Not on purpose

– Suddenly this project comes along, and I read the script and think: “If they choose me, I understand, because I can do this”, says the actor with great enthusiasm.

– That was my first thought, so I write an email about what I think about this project – then this happens, says Falck and enthusiastically points to the film poster for “Troll”.

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The 39-year-old further explains that he has grown older and thus even more aware of the gratitude he feels, something he feels even more now that he has contributed to the new Netflix film.

– Now I can die! Happy!, he concludes enthusiastically.

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