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Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal: – 38 years younger girlfriend:

Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal: – 38 years younger girlfriend:
Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal: – 38 years younger girlfriend:

It is almost three years since it became known that the Swedish Hollywood star Dolph Lundgren (65) had fallen for Norwegian Emma Krokdal (26).

The couple met at a gym and ever since then love has blossomed for the couple.

Calling unknown past

Now they are also getting married, and in a new interview with Aftonbladet, Lundgren, who turns 65 this week, talks about his relationship with his girlfriend, who is 38 years younger.

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– Perfect for me

It is today, Thursday, that the action star turns 65. On that occasion, he tells the Swedish newspaper that he is in a very good place in life.

– It’s as they say, age is just a number. It feels a bit unreal, but I live the same life here now as I did when I came here in the 80s. I work with film and train. I have a young and beautiful, and very smart, woman by my side, he says in the interview.

35 year age difference: – Not a problem

It is no secret that the recently 65-year-old is very much in love with the Norwegian, who is 38 years his junior.

In the summer of 2020, he got down on one knee and proposed to Krokdal, and love is still blooming, according to the Hollywood actor.

– Emma is fantastic and perfect for me in every way. I feel very lucky to have her in my life and we have a very stable relationship. She really cares about me. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that ten years ago, I wasn’t ready for it then.

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38 years age difference

There are probably more people who have frowned at the age difference between the couple. However, the 65-year-old takes it with crushing calm.

– I am very much in love. Despite the age difference of 38 years, we have very similar interests, it’s exercise and we like to take it easy. Her friends are younger, so I have contact with a completely different generation and that keeps me a bit young.

They will get married here

The wedding between the two has been delayed, partly as a result of the pandemic and the restrictions around the world.

In the interview, however, Lundgren can reveal that the couple will probably become husband and wife next summer – either in Sweden or further south in Europe.

The article is in Norwegian

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