Julie Lorentzen, Celebrity | Julie Lorentzen makes headlines abroad: – They haven’t asked me to write about my ass

Julie Lorentzen, Celebrity | Julie Lorentzen makes headlines abroad: – They haven’t asked me to write about my ass
Julie Lorentzen, Celebrity | Julie Lorentzen makes headlines abroad: – They haven’t asked me to write about my ass

The influential couple Camilla Lorentzen (32) and Julie Lorentzen (26) have built up a huge following in social media over the past few years, especially on TikTok, where the latter can boast over three million followers.

The couple share everything from everyday life and training to the more intimate details, and the videos rack up millions of views.

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Although the Norwegian couple is constantly going viral on social media and from time to time makes headlines in this country, Julie Lorentzen has now also made headlines abroad.

“Flattest butt in the universe”

In the British tabloid newspaper The Sun, the 26-year-old gets full coverage, but perhaps not quite for the reason she herself wants. With the headline “I have the flattest butt in the universe”, the newspaper writes.

It all boils down to a video Lorentzen herself has posted on TikTok where she has joked that she has the flattest butt in the universe, and needs the help of her personal trainer wife Camilla to make it a little fuller.

In addition, it is written how some of her followers think she uses a filter when she shows off her own rear.

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The post has not gone unnoticed by the protagonist himself, who has taken to TikTok to give his opinion on the feature. In a video with the post in the background, Lorentzen says that she did not imagine becoming known in this way.

– I didn’t know that I would be known in The Sun for having the flattest ass in the universe, Lorentzen says in a video on his own TikTok.

To loud laughter from his wife in the background, Lorentzen says that when she was little all she wanted was to be famous, but now she is not so sure anymore.

– They haven’t asked me to write about my ass. I can’t believe this, she says while her wife continues to laugh in the background.

Julie Lorentzen has not yet responded to Nettavisen’s inquiries.

Went viral several times

As mentioned, in recent years the Lorentzen couple have become very popular on the social media TikTok. Their videos are seen by millions and they engage in several issues on the agenda.

When it was decided earlier this year that the ruling that has given women the right to self-determined abortion is repealed at national level in the USA, the couple saw red.

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The couple took to TikTok and shared a video saying “if you need an abortion you can come live with us”, and emphasized that they hoped anyone in need would get in touch.

– If any of our American followers ever need an abortion, you can come and live with us. We have a house in Norway, we have a car and we have a guest room.

The video went viral in just a few days and comments poured in praising the two for opening their home to anyone who might need it.

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