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Nora Haukland cryptic about the romance rumours

Nora Haukland cryptic about the romance rumours
Nora Haukland cryptic about the romance rumours

Nora Haukland (25) first became known through the dating program “Love Island”, where she met what would become her fiancé – Johannes Klemp (30). However, after two years, in December 2021, it became known that the duo had gone their separate ways.

Observed with mystery man

Since then, it has been relatively quiet as far as Haukland’s love life is concerned, but lately there have been rumors that she has found happiness again.

Several times in recent months, a man has appeared in the influencer’s social media, and she has, among other things, shared glimpses of a romantic cabin trip and a holiday in Rome.

However, she has remained silent when it comes to her relationship with the mysterious man and not least his identity – at least in public. In a recent round of questions on Instagram, she was nevertheless asked: “Do you have a boyfriend now?”.

LIGHTING THE VEIL: “Love Island” winner Nora Haukland talks about her single life, dating and her close friendship with Sophie Elise Isachsen.
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In Haukland’s answer, it seemed that this was not the first time she had been asked that question, but she assured her followers that she would immediately lift the veil a little on exactly that.

“I’m going to open up more about my love life soon,” she wrote, explaining that sometimes it was good to take your time.

Hidden girlfriends for two years

“I’ve been through a public relationship – and then a public breakup. Breaking up in public was a big strain on me and affected my health, psyche and work. So long story short – whoever I get together with I want to be with, that’s why it’s kept separate for now,” she continued, adding in conclusion that she promises an update soon.

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