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Bella Hadid on the death of Masha Amini

Bella Hadid on the death of Masha Amini
Bella Hadid on the death of Masha Amini

On Friday last week, Mahsa Amini died in a hospital in Iran’s capital Tehran. She was only 22 years old.

Just three days before she died, she was stopped in the street by Iran’s morality police, because she allegedly wore the hijab in an “inappropriate” way. Activists say she died of head injuries as a result of police treatment, while Iranian authorities deny this.

Admits nose surgery

Now the protests are spreading in several cities in Iran, where Iranian women are cutting off their hair. Others set the hijab on fire and share videos of it on social media.

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As a result of the death of Amini, supermodel Bella Hadid (25) has shed light on the political injustices that are now happening in Iran.

Praised for this

To her nearly 55 million followers on Instagram, she writes the following:

“This is a devastating and shocking story about a woman who was allegedly beaten and killed for wearing her hijab ‘incorrectly’,” she writes initially, adding:

“Mahsa Amini was arrested by the ‘morality police’ to be educated about the hijab and never came back to life”.

Hadid also extends her condolences to Amini’s family.

“Just wow… Rest in peace mahsaamini You didn’t deserve this. I send blessings to her family and loved ones”.

Hadid’s post currently has 1.5 million likes and 50,000 comments. Several followers express that they are grateful that she chooses to use her platform to talk about the important things happening in the world as well.

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“Thank you so much for posting this. Many of my family are still there: thank you Bella,” writes one of the followers.

“I just have to say thank you habibi for sharing and spreading awareness about this,” follows another.

– I had no boundaries

While a third writes:

“There is a lot of cruelty in this world. Thank you Bella for being part of the consensus and spreading such important things happening in the world, your voice really helps everyone be informed. It is heartbreaking to read such things.”

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