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Gwen Stefani: – “Why has she ruined her face?”

Over the past 30 years, Gwen Stefani (52) has built a solid career in the entertainment industry. She already broke through in the 90s as a vocalist in the band “No Doubt”, before forming a solo career.

At the start of the 2000s, she was on “everyone’s” lips with hits such as “Rich Girl” and “Hollaback Girl”, while her fan base grew worldwide.

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Stefani still has millions of fans, who to this day follow the star closely. However, not everything the 52-year-old does is as popular.

Interview creates reactions

The artist has recently given several interviews, but especially her visit to “Late Night with Seth Meyers” has received a lot of attention. The fans react strongly and think “she is unrecognisable”.

NEW FACE: The artist went under the knife and wanted a new face after she recovered from illness. Photo: Tor Lindseth. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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The interview is shared on the TV programme’s YouTube channel. Unfiltered opinions about the star’s appearance are expressed in the comments section.

“Why has Gwen ruined her face? She was so beautiful!”, one wrote.

“She was so naturally beautiful. It would be wonderful to see her age without any cosmetic procedures,” writes another.

UNRECOGNIZED: Fans are not impressed with Gwen Stefani’s “new” face. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube
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“I was definitely not prepared to see her like this. Too much filler in the cheeks. Her face looks so swollen,” says another.

Even fans who have followed her from early in her career have little positive to say.

COMPARED: Gwen Stefani is being compared to Madonna after a new interview. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube

COMPARED: Gwen Stefani is being compared to Madonna after a new interview. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube
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“I’ve been a fan all my life and didn’t recognize her. I’m so confused,” writes one, while another expresses disappointment:

“It breaks my heart to see you change your body when you were perfect the way you were.”

“What has she done to her face?”

Got married

Despite the fact that Stefani has grown older, a lot of exciting things still happen in the artist’s life. Not only professionally, but also at home.

Last summer, she married none other than country artist Blake Shelton (46), after almost six years as a couple. The wedding took place in an intimate and private ceremony at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma, according to People.

It was autumn 2020 when Shelton got down on one knee and got his “yes”. However, according to Stefani, the original courtship was going down the drain. When she guested on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the 52-year-old said that her husband had planned to propose in Oklahoma.

The problem arose, however, when Stefani almost gave up going there.

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– I had no idea about the proposal. I tried to get out of having to go back to Oklahoma, because it got too complicated with corona and the family. I just said, ‘I think we should cancel the trip,'” Stefani recalled.

Shelton nevertheless convinced his wife-to-be to make the trip, and the rest is history.

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