Kelly Clarkson lost weight after diagnosis

Kelly Clarkson lost weight after diagnosis
Kelly Clarkson lost weight after diagnosis

The American artist Kelly Clarkson (41) has many years behind her in the limelight, after she won “American Idol”‘s first season in 2002.

The following year, she famously lost “World Idol” to Kurt Nilsen (45).

– I wasn’t sexy enough

Despite the loss to the Norwegian, Clarkson has made a name for himself as an artist, and today is also successful as a presenter in his own talk show.

It is in the latter program that she is now making headlines. Because although she usually interviews big stars, there is also talk of the artist’s private life.

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Recently, she revealed that a message from her doctor made her take action on her own health. When actor and comedian Kevin James (58) visited the program, he pointed out that Clarkson looked different, writes CNN.

– Well, I was told that I had prediabetes, she said of her own weight loss, and added that she was not surprised by the diagnosis.

– I was a little overweight.

– Wasn’t I pretty enough?

According to the NHI, prediabetes is “a condition where you have slightly elevated blood sugar values. With prediabetes, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is somewhat increased.”

The star said that she had not received the diagnosis, but that she was on her way there. Furthermore, she admitted that it took around two years before she was ready to take action, listen to the doctor, eat right and be more active.

– There is a big difference between being fit and losing weight. I am the latter, she said.

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During a long life with “the eyes of the whole world” on her, Clarkson has previously been open that she has been in a constant battle to stay thin, and that she has gained and lost weight.

In 2018, the artist opened up in an interview with Extra, where she talked about some of the reasons for the drastic weight loss, and that it must have been about the diet.

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She has also said that the disease hypothyroidism, also known as low metabolism, made her choose to change her diet.

Hypothyroidism is a disease caused by too low a quantity of metabolic hormone from the thyroid gland to the blood and all the body’s cells, according to the NHI.

A low metabolism means that the body has a lower rate of combustion, which means that the exposed person may experience weight fluctuations.

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