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Jonnie Irwin with good news in the fight against cancer

Jonnie Irwin with good news in the fight against cancer
Jonnie Irwin with good news in the fight against cancer

Back in August 2020, the British presenter Jonni Irwin (49) discovered that something was wrong with his vision during the filming of the series “A Place in the Sun” in Italy.

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He therefore chose to have it checked by the doctor. It turned out to be incurable cancer, and Irwin was told at the time that he had six months to live.

But now, almost two and a half years later, the 49-year-old is alive and still fighting a hard battle against the disease.

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He has always shared honestly about the cancer, and regularly updates his followers on how it is going.

The 49-year-old was recently admitted to hospital as a result of jaundice, in addition to having a high fever, stabbing pain on the right side of the body and problems with the liver.

– The only treatment is brain surgery

Now, however, Irwin can share some good news with his followers: He is out of hospital again.

“The blood tests and tests show that my liver function is moving in the right direction. There are bigger challenges ahead in the weeks ahead, but I have been allowed to go home this time,” writes the father of a toddler in a picture on Instagram, together with his eldest son Rex (4).

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Furthermore, Irwin writes that he sees coming home as a small victory, and that he is enjoying it for now. The presenter also thanks the good doctors and nurses for good care.

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The presenter has, in addition to Rex, twins Rafa and Cormac (2), and is married to Jessica Homes (46).

Previously, the TV star explained why he does not want to tell his sons that he will soon die.

Keeps the death sentence hidden from the children

– It would be terrible news to deal with. That had confused Rex, he has a shocking enough day ahead of him. Let’s just bury our heads in the sand for as long as possible, he has stated to Hello.

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