Martin Hals Johannessen, Honestly

Martin Hals Johannessen, Honestly
Martin Hals Johannessen, Honestly

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The “Farmen” topical southerner, Martin Hals Johannessen, entered Fredheim farm already in the first week. The TV profile knows well the area where the TV farm is located, and has himself grown up in the local area.

Please, here you are:

Name: Martin Hals Johannessen
Age: 24
Marital status: Single
What is your name in SoMe? @martinjohannessen99
Grown up: Svennevik, a beautiful village in Lindesnes. I claim it is Norway’s best place to grow up
Live now: Oslo
Workplace: Child protection
How do you get around in everyday life: Driving a small green car, the “frog”

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What engages you right now?
– I have become aware of how we humans in 2023 keep ourselves entertained and distracted from reality. We are quick to distract ourselves from bad feelings, existential questions and other unpleasant phenomena in the world. I try to be more present where I am. I also try to put away distractions in order to listen to my body, be present in prayer, as well as content in my own thoughts and reflections.

What is your most controversial position?
– I think women and men are generally created differently.

What are you proud of having achieved in the past year?
– Cycling the length of Norway has long been on the bucket list. I therefore gathered a group of friends, obtained sponsors, and traveled to Nordkapp. From there we spent 18 days on the 3,008 kilometers home to Lindesnes. We collected almost one hundred thousand kroner for the aid project, “sport crosses borders”, a project that is close to our hearts.

Introvert or extrovert? Extroverted. Gets a lot of energy from being with close friends
Right from the start or cloud of conflict? A blissful mix I would say. I am not afraid to be honest and direct, and address conflicts if I see it as appropriate. However, there is not always the right time and place for certain conflicts
Carefully planned or take it as it comes? I appreciate structure, plans and routines, but the best inventions are often spontaneous! It doesn’t take much for me to switch my brain to something more spontaneous
Save or splurge? Lives a frugal lifestyle, but likes to show off others in the form of pampering
“Dax18” or “The Farm”? Of course “The Farm”
Board games or PlayStation? PlayStation. I like good board games, but life peaks when I win against friends in split-screen

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When was the last time you cried and why?
– I rarely cry, but the last time I cried was on “The Farm” when Bård Kristiansen broke down in connection with his son lying in the Rikshospitalet with brain haemorrhages. I experienced special relationships with some of the other participants, and good conversations meant that I also felt familiar with their immediate family. We shared a lot, and it was therefore very strong to see Bård in despair.

What is the bravest thing you have done?
– Asked a girl out at the prom by composing the lyrics to “Say Something” on the piano. I also gathered a large male choir to sing the chorus.

What is the most dramatic thing you have experienced?
– Encountered a large hole in the ground on a cold rainy day in Trøndelag. Thus flew over the handlebars on the bike for 50 kilometers and experienced an adrenaline rush in my body that I have never felt before.

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And… when was the last time you lost your mind?
– I was a driver on a trip with friends where I was going out for a drug break. When I sat back in the driver’s seat, I fixed my gaze on a package of buns in the center console, and wondered who had bought buns. As I look up at the passenger seat, I meet the gaze of a lady who looks at me in horror, in the back seat sit two children who are also very frightened by the strange man who has taken the driver’s seat for dad. I then realize that I’ve got into the wrong car, and see my car parked in front of the car I’m sitting in. The strange lady, and her child, don’t say a word before I run out and slam the door behind me.

What do you regret most in life?
– That I wasted my childhood on being bad at football when I could be playing golf or cycling.

What’s the sickest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
– That I am good at running. I certainly am not.

What is the nicest thing someone has said to you?
– That I see the people around me.

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Who would you cancel and why?
– Would not cancel anyone. I believe society should tolerate all opinions as long as they are presented in a respectful manner.

And… What do you think about the cancellation culture?
– Don’t like it. It is healthy for a society to have different opinions that can be debated. Cancellation kills sustainable and healthy debates.

Who/what would you like to pay tribute to and why?
– I would like to pay tribute to my parents who have worked a lot on themselves, especially in relation to my father’s addiction to alcohol. Today, they use their experiences to help people in difficult life situations. They always put the children first and have much of the credit for who I am today.

What pisses you off?
– Illness that affects people I love.

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If you have 500,000 to invest, how would you invest?
– Would invest in funds and shares.

What is the best or worst gift you have received or given?
– In 2008, I sent a love letter to the girl I was in love with. In the letter was a Pokémon card. I never got an answer…

Give us some quick recommendations!

Book/newspaper/magazine: Book for those who wonder why people still believe in God in 2023: “17 good reasons why I’m a Christian” by Rune Tobiassen
Series/film: Great variety, like most of it. Can recommend “The Chosen”, “Friends”, “The Lion King” and “Game of Thrones”
Music: Rossman, a hidden gem from Karmøy
App: Bible, Strava and BeReal are the top three
SoMe account: Instagram: @martinjohannessen99, Snapchat: @m.johannessen99
Food/drink: I find a lot of joy in food and drink. I haven’t found anything I don’t like yet, and I can’t pick a favorite dish
Holiday destination: Can recommend Lombok in Indonesia. It feels like Bali before tourism went into overdrive

What are you most looking forward to right now?
– Travel on a diving trip to Egypt with 25 good friends on all inclusive.

And honestly:

Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?
– Yay! All food is good food.

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