Kate Middleton with earrings from a cheap chain


Sriver if she has all the wood to choose from, even Princess Kate makes budget discoveries.

When she visited the Anna Freud Center in London recently, she was wearing a pair of earrings from the British accessory chain Accessorize.

And the price of the earrings? NOK 150.

Mette-Marit chose Norwegian luxury design for the coronation in Great Britain

However, the earrings are not new, and unfortunately no longer available in stores.

GETS PRAISED: Kate Middleton is praised for choosing from chain stores. PHOTO: NTB.
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But it is not the first time Princess Kate has worn earrings from the British chain.

During a trip to Wales, she used a pair for just over a hundred, and during a Christmas concert last year a pair for NOK 190.

This detail causes a great uproar

– Kate has the most exclusive jewels at her disposal in her royal jewelery box. But often choose cheap, more trend-based jewellery, such as these earrings from Accessorize, says royal reporter in Se og hø, Caroline Vagle.

Royal reporter in Se og hör, Caroline Vagle. PHOTO: Private.

Royal reporter in Se og hör, Caroline Vagle. PHOTO: Private.
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The British call her the queen of high street fashion, says Vagle.

You can get Princess Kate’s earrings for a couple of hundred Swedish kroner

– An uncrowned title she has rightfully received. She is very conscious of dressing in both clothes and accessories from chains that are available to most people. Ever since she stepped into her royal role, she’s had a unique ability to combine “cheap fashion” with more exclusive brands, and almost everything she wears sells out as soon as she’s shown in it. She has undoubtedly become a style icon for women around the world, and then it is nice that not everything she wears costs a fortune, adds Vagle.

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