– Don’t bet everything on one card – E24

– Don’t bet everything on one card – E24
– Don’t bet everything on one card – E24

The experienced share manager Leif Eriksrød plays it safe in the share competition, but spices up the portfolio with two shipping shares.

Leif Eriksrød is a senior portfolio manager at Alfred Berg. Reed Dolmen
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As usual, Leif Eriksrød leads the equity team at Alfred Berg capital management.

When he now participates in E24’s Aksje-NM, he uses the same tactics as usual.

– I treat the competition as I do reality. Then I bet I get it diversified diversifiedFor example, make a portfolio more varied, versatile, diverse, especially to reduce risk and acquire new markets eliminate risk by having a broad portfolio, says Eriksrød.

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Safe stocks

A bunch of experts have previously recommended that those who will participate in the competition invest in “lottery shares”. But Eriksrød defies this advice and mainly goes for the safe stocks, instead of “taking risks in the hope that the market will improve”.

– In such a competition, there are many who think win or disappear. That’s fair. But I don’t want to do it that way, says the stock manager.

– I don’t bet everything on one card. I want a spread and take all outcomes into account, he adds.

This is how he thinks about share portfolios, no matter what the conditions are in the short term.

The share manager wants a good spread in his portfolio. Reed Dolmen

– The highest risk

Several experts are particularly positive about energy and shipping now.

Eriksrød is certainly betting a little, with two shipping shares in its portfolio due to the good rates in the industry at the moment.

– It’s an unusual amount for me. There is the highest risk in my portfolio, he says.

Shipping is historically a sector that fluctuates a lot on the stock market. In the game, Eriksrød is involved in the gas shipping company Flex LNG and the product tanker company Hafnia.

But he emphasizes that there will always be something completely different unforeseen that happens in the stock market, no matter how positive one is.

– That is why diversification is important.

On Friday afternoon at 2 p.m., Eriksrød’s return is minus 1.2 per cent in Aksje-NM. The development is taking place at the same time as stock market unrest has increased, with Oslo Børs down nearly three percent.

This is his portfolio as of Friday afternoon:

  • Gas shipping company Flex LNG
  • Sparebank 1 SR-bank
  • The defense group Kongsberggruppen
  • The industrial company Elkem
  • The oil service company Aker Solutions
  • Protector Insurance
  • The low-price chain Europris
  • The product tanker Hafnia
  • The investment company Bonheur
  • The oil and gas company Equinor

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