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America’s most expensive home for sale – price tag 2.5 billion

America’s most expensive home ever is now for sale in New York.

“The Penthouse” is located on top of the world’s tallest residential building, Central Park Tower, and has a price tag of almost NOK 2.6 billion.

The top floor apartment spans three levels and is 430 meters above ground, on the 131st floor.

In the 1,600 square meter apartment, you get a panoramic view of Central Park, a ceiling height of over 8 metres, as well as a ballroom.

– The Penthouse is a symbol of tailor-made housing and has rightly been named the most spectacular jewel in New York, says Ryan Serhant, founder, CEO and broker at Serhant.

THREE FLOORS: The apartment, which stretches over three floors, has walls made of glass, which gives a panoramic view out over all of New York. SERHANT STUDIOS.

Could be America’s most expensive

The apartment has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and three toilets, as well as several unique living spaces and a “normal” kitchen, as well as a professional catering kitchen. In addition, it has the world’s highest outdoor terrace.

THE WORLD’S HIGHEST: From the 129th to the 131st floor of this building, the apartment is located. The building has been named Central Park Tower and has a magnificent view of the park in Manhattan. SERGEANT. STUDIOS

The listing is the most expensive in the United States, and if the apartment goes to the asking price, it will be the most expensive in the United States. The previous record was set across the street from this apartment. There, billionaire Ken Griffi paid around NOK 2.4 billion for an apartment at 220 Central Park South, according to the WSJ.

Serhant has experienced a tremendous increase in interest in properties worth over a billion kroner.

– The super-rich are looking for places to diversify their assets, and property has become one of the most popular and sought-after investments, he says.

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