Tightens the rules for Booking.com

Tightens the rules for Booking.com
Tightens the rules for Booking.com

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From now on, the website must open up more competition and make it easier for consumers to switch between different providers.

On Monday, the European Commission designated the website as a so-called core activity under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Booking.com currently has a market share of over 60 percent in Europe.

The parent company Booking Holdings now has six months to adjust to the rules.

The European Commission has also decided to start an investigation into the messaging service X, formerly Twitter.

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The list of core businesses or “gatekeepers” is constantly emerging after the DMA came into force in March this year.

The latest was Apple’s iPadOS system, which was subject to the regulations in April this year. From before, Apple, Google owner Alphabet, Amazon, Tiktok owner Bytedance, Meta and Microsoft are on the list of gatekeepers.

The law means, among other things, that the companies should not be able to hinder competitors in their area, they should not be allowed to track users outside their own platform without approval, and they should also not be able to make it impossible to uninstall certain apps or programs on smartphones or computers .

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