Norwegians are least and most satisfied with these electricity companies

Norwegians are least and most satisfied with these electricity companies
Norwegians are least and most satisfied with these electricity companies

Every fifth electricity customer is considering switching electricity suppliers.

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Are you satisfied with your electricity supplier? EPSI EPSIIs an abbreviation for Extended Performance Satisfaction Index Rating has measured customer satisfaction among Norwegian electricity customers.

How have the recent lower electricity prices turned out, and which companies are the customers most satisfied with?

Increased awareness

This year’s survey, which is the 14th in a row, shows that:

  • On average, private customers are about as satisfied as at the same time last year.
  • Loyalty also depends on the location, and as last year, one in five electricity customers answered that they were considering changing electricity supplier.
  • Nine out of ten electricity customers know which electricity agreement they have. A significantly higher proportion than just a few years ago.
  • 23 percent of customers have been customers of the same electricity company for ten years or longer.
  • 14 percent of customers state that they buy electricity with so-called guarantee of origin guarantee of originGuarantees of origin are a labeling scheme for electricity to show the electricity customer that a quantity of power has been produced from a specified energy source. Source: NVE..
  • 55 per cent feel that the supplier has informed them about the electricity subsidy in a good way.

– The energy crisis we saw last year forced electricity consumers to properly familiarize themselves with their customer relationship, and electricity became a topic of conversation around Norwegian homes. This year, on the other hand, parallel to the fact that prices have fallen, fewer of us are thinking about electricity prices and electricity agreements, and the large electricity commitment has decreased.

That’s what Fredrik Høst, who is CEO of Epsi Norge, says in a press release.

Further down in the case, you can see which electricity companies came out worst and best.

– No reason to revive the electricity market

The Consumer Council thinks it is good that more consumers say they know which electricity contract they have.

– The electricity price crisis has led to increased attention to electricity. Unfortunately, there is still little reason to revive the electricity market. Four out of ten say in our surveys that they have experienced being deceived when they bought electricity. One in two has also not changed the agreement in the last two years, and the danger of them paying more than they have to is great, writes a senior legal advisor in Consumer Council, Thomas Iversen, in an email to us.

He believes it makes little sense to talk about agreements tailored to each individual.

– There is no quality difference in electricity, and there is simply little reason to pay more than you have to.

The Consumer Council’s tips for a better electricity contract:

  • Check the agreement you have on the Norwegian Consumer Council’s electricity price portal strö Here you will find an overview of all the offers in the market.
  • Any change is made with a few keystrokes and is done by your new company.
  • Be aware that several companies try to sell you additional products, such as electricity insurance and “green electricity”. These services do little beyond making your electricity bill even higher.

Are you satisfied with your electricity supplier? Answer in the poll at the bottom of the case!

– Motivates us to become even better

NorgesEnergi comes out worst in the survey. Many customers of NorgesEnergi respond that they are unsure whether the electricity agreement they have today is the right one for them, and request more relevant communication from the company.

Hans-Erik Ramsdal is general manager of NorgesEnergi.

– We are of course not satisfied with this. We work every day to ensure that customers have good experiences and to provide them with good information. Feedback like this motivates us to be even better, writes Ramsdal in an email to us. He encourages customers who have questions to contact the customer center or go to NorgesEnergi’s website.

Are you satisfied with your electricity supplier?

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Published: 20 November 2023 13:07

Updated: 20 November 2023 14:42

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