Consumer, Kiwi | Kiwi makes big changes: – In two weeks it will be too late

Consumer, Kiwi | Kiwi makes big changes: – In two weeks it will be too late
Consumer, Kiwi | Kiwi makes big changes: – In two weeks it will be too late

(Nettavisen): Kiwi made history when the nappy deal was launched in 2000. The more than 20-year-old scheme was a Millenium gift to customers who received every fifth pack of nappies for free.

Kiwi put Norway on the map with Europe’s cheapest diapers.

During the period, the bonus scheme has become increasingly favorable for customers.

Since 2000, the discount chain has given away 17 million nappy packs. Last year they gave away 1.7 million. Each pack contains around 30 nappies.

The bonus scheme has been important in securing families with children as customers. But now the low-cost chain is changing the structure of the bonus scheme.

Must secure membership within two weeks

On Monday 4 December, the Diaper Agreement and the Pad and Tampon Agreement will become part of Kiwi Pluss. This means that members automatically receive a 50 per cent Trumf bonus on each and every nappy pack.

The diaper card thus becomes history, and customers no longer have to remember the physical agreement card. Something that has been in demand by customers.

– We know that having children can be expensive, and therefore want to continue to give our customers a simpler and more economical everyday life, says Nora Mile Helgesen, communications manager at Kiwi.

Customers who are not Trumf members must secure membership within two weeks to continue buying cheap nappies.

– We recommend our customers to use unused “clips” on the agreement card before this date. This applies to both the nappy agreement and the pad and tampon agreement, says Helgesen.

The 50 percent bonus applies to all nappies, including swim nappies and night nappies. This also applies to all pads and tampons, also from First Price. This has not been covered by the agreement card in the past.

The discounts go directly into the Trumf account. The bonus is used to pay in the store, or you can transfer the money to your own bank account.

In 2022, Trumf customers had a total of NOK 1.4 billion in outstanding bonuses.

Forced over to Trumf

But the new arrangement has a downside.

Nappy customers who are not Trumf members miss out on the bonus, and have to pay 50 per cent more for the nappies. Membership is therefore not optional if you want the nappy discount.

This is how Helgesen responds to the objection:

– We have over two million Kiwi Plus members, so this is to make it easier for customers. We have regularly received feedback from customers who want the nappy card to be digital, so you don’t have to remember the physical card. This is probably something that the vast majority of our customers will greatly appreciate, believes the communications manager.

– Parents of young children usually have a tight budget. The agreement started with every 5th diaper pack free, and was gradually strengthened to every 4th pack free. In 2021 it got even better, with every second package free. As of October 2023, we have distributed over 17 million packs of nappies! Many parents of young children have benefited from this, points out Helgesen.

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