– Serious fire traps

– Serious fire traps
– Serious fire traps

Every year, a number of Norwegians become homeless after a fire. Sometimes this is due to faults in the electrical system, such as short circuits in fuse boxes.

Now Gjensidige encourages people to have the electrical system in their home checked. According to carpenter and adviser Simon Vigeland in Gjensidige, 40 percent of all residential fires in Norway start in the electrical system.

– No one can completely protect themselves against such accidents, but electrical control is a measure that we know works. Daily use and aging lead to wear and tear, which over time can develop into serious fire traps. In addition, lightning and thunder can cause damage that is not always noticeable then and there. This is the reason why we recommend an electrical inspection every five years, he says.

Warning: – Remove it!

Vigeland informs that many people forget that the electrical system must keep up when renovating.

– Current courses that are charged more than they are calculated for and incorrectly installed equipment is a common error following conversion and rehabilitation. This is especially true when the homeowner lets the hobby electrician in him. We also find that many people still charge electric cars in a normal socket, and this causes a very large load on the fixed installation.

DinSide has previously been in contact with Marianne Brattbakk, senior engineer in DSB’s Supervisory Region in Northern Norway, who recommended that everyone test the earth fault circuit breaker once or twice a year.

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– If it doesn’t work as it should, you could risk getting an electric shock, or in the worst case, it could start a fire.

When the test button is pressed, the earth fault circuit breaker shall disconnect the current by the switch on the fuse being automatically switched off. Then flip it back up to turn the power back on.

– If it does not disconnect the power, there is something wrong with the earth fault circuit breaker and it should be replaced, Brattbakk said.

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