Culture & entertainment, Literature | – Suddenly we had a marked increase in young people asking for the same books

Culture & entertainment, Literature | – Suddenly we had a marked increase in young people asking for the same books
Culture & entertainment, Literature | – Suddenly we had a marked increase in young people asking for the same books

– We are back to the 2019 level, and look forward to being able to increase with more events and spreading the joy of reading in 2023, says head of department for children and young people at Fredrikstad library, Ingvild Kjølstad (41).


Like much else in the past year, TikTok has also influenced the literature young people in Fredrikstad read.

– We suddenly had a marked increase in young people asking for the same books – without us knowing the reason, says Ingvild.

– The strange thing was that the books were not always brand new.

– Many of them were up to five years old and initially not written for young people, but rather for young adults.

Ingvild and the other librarians were stunned by this.

– But then we gradually realized that it was TikTok, or BookTok that the phenomenon has been named.

– Has BookTok attracted a group of readers who do not usually visit the library?

– Yes, it is not just the traditional library reader who came to borrow books in 2022, replies Ingvild.

And adds:

– We also see that young people who have not visited the library for many years take a trip.

Among these books, some have been translated into Norwegian, but most are in the original language English.

The queen of BookTok is also popular in Fredrikstad

It is practically impossible to mention BookTok without saying something about the author Colleen Hoover and her books.

– We have bought everything from her books, says Ingvild.

And adds:

– They are not only popular with young people, there are also many adults who borrow them.

The graphic novel “Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman topped the charts in 2022. The book became the Netflix series of the same name in April 2022.

“Listen here!” by Gulraiz Sharif was a good second.

The Norwegian “Arvingen” by Anne Gunn Halvorsen and Randi Fuglehaug was also made into a Netflix film

– It doesn’t matter if it’s Norwegian or English

Apart from TikTok, the books behind series and movies on Netflix have been a big hit in 2022.

– The graphic short stories “Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman have been really popular.

– Are they then borrowed in Norwegian or English?

– At the start of the year, there weren’t that many publishers who had translated these BookTok and Netflix inspired books, says Ingvild.

And continues:

– But eventually we got them into both languages, and when I stood there with both hands and asked: “Do you want it in Norwegian or English?” I usually got the answer that it didn’t matter.

Before she states:

– Young people are getting better and better at English.

Another book that has resulted in the film “Royalteen” on Netflix is ​​the book “Arvingen” written by Anne Gunn Halvorsen and Randi Fuglehaug.

– It is funny that there are also Norwegian authors who claim to be at the top of lending.

also read

In 2022, people read more again – the library increased


Unlike the BookTok books, which often belong to the romance genre and thus attract the most girls, Manga books are equally popular with both boys and girls.

What is a Manga?

Manga is the Japanese word for comic books, and outside of Japan used as a synonym for “Japanese comics” and also to describe a style of drawing. Many manga also exist as anime, i.e. animated film.

Source: Great Norwegian Lexicon

– English-language Manga is often asked for, says Andrea Wold Johansen (26), librarian at the youth department.

And adds:

– There have been a couple of trips down to Outland to buy the editions the young people are asking for.

Events in the youth room Loftet

Fredrikstad library’s youth department opened in 2018 and was named Loftet.

– We wanted to create a space where young people want to be, says Ingvild.

– After we opened Loftet, we have seen an increase in the number of people staying here longer, she continues.

And adds with a smile:

– They don’t just borrow books, but like to stay in the room with friends.

In addition to reading books, young people between the ages of 13 and 18 can play the latest Fifa games on Xbox and Playstation, as well as take part in various types of events managed by the library.

– There is everything from clothes-changing days to the event and the “Noodles and book” reading circle that we will have tonight, says Ingvild.

– Do you have any goals for 2023?

– We want the library to become a place where young people come to hang out, that it is not necessarily the case that you only come here to borrow books and leave, says Ingvild.

And concludes:

– Here you should be able to do homework, play board games, hang out with friends, borrow books, play games or get help finding suitable literature for school assignments.

The article is in Norwegian

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